Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the tool keep downloading and exporting to Twitch even if I close the browser?
Yes, once you have added the videos you want to transfer you can close the tab or browser and the tool will keep working until the job is done. You can always check its progress by simply logging in again.
Does the tool use my Internet connection to transfer the videos?
No, all the downloading from Youtube and then uploading to Twitch is done on the server. Your Internet connection isn't used at any step.
How long does it take to transfer a video?
In most cases it takes less than 5 minutes to transfer a video. If you add a lot of videos or the server is currently under heavy load because other users have added a lot it can take a bit longer.
How does the watchlist work?
It works kinda like a subscription to a Youtube channel. A script on the server checks your watched channels every ~1 hour for new videos. If it finds any new it will add them to the queue. Depending on the "Auto queue new videos" setting explain here it will either transfer them directly or wait for you to give the "go ahead".
What does the option "Auto queue new videos" on the watchlist options?
If the option is enabled it will automatically set newly found videos to queued. This means they will get automatically transferred to Twitch as soon as possible.
If the option is disabled it will add new videos as "scheduled" to the queue. This means you first have to manually click on them to start the transfer to Twitch.
Is this tool / service free?
Even though this tools is free to use for anyone servers still cost money. I would be grateful for any kindness and support you would like to provide to keep this website running.
You can donate / tip via various options, depending on your personal preference:
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All donations / tips are final and are non-refundable. No service or product is purchased.